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This animal alphabet series began while I was flipping through my well worn book of Victorian engravings. I came across an image of a stout walrus with a human face and it stopped me dead in my tracks. The image was so startlingly weird and wonderful, I knew I had to work with it.


My animal series explores unusual juxtapositions by taking something that might be ordinary, like an alphabet book, and turning it into a fanciful flight of unusual and interesting pairings. My goal is at once humorous and artistic, to mix not only unexpected imagery but to also create visual eye candy through rich texture and color to appeal to adults and children alike.

People who have purchased my work comment that the whimsy and personality of the imagery appeals to them. They value being able to look at the piece again and again to discover something they hadn't seen before. Some customers have purchased several letters to spell out words, such as PLAY for a child's playroom, or initials for a newly married couple using one of my ampersand pieces to create a wall display, such as L & H.

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Ms. Haines is currently Professor of Visual Communication in the School of Journalism and Strategic Media at Middle Tennessee State University. Prior to this position, she chaired Graphic Design programs at The Art Institute of Tennessee-Nashville and Watkins College of Art & Design in Nashville. She received an MFA in Graphic Design from Marywood University and an MA in Advertising Design from Syracuse University. Select pieces from Animal Abecedary have been exhibited in The Frist Art Museum in Nashville, at the international exhibition of Inkmasters in Cairns, Queensland Australia and a solo exhibition at Nashville International Airport. Most recently, her Animal Abecedary book was selected for exhibition at the Bodleian Libraries at Oxford University where it will remain in their permanent collection. Ms. Haines created the design for the newest Tennessee arts license plate which is integral in supporting the arts across the state. Leslie Haines has over thirty years of experience in the fields of graphic design and advertising, and is now happily applying her skill sets to creating original imagery in the form of digital collage.

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